Netflix And Chill : Gotham Style

Are you looking for a new show to Netflix and Chill to but don’t want it to end after 13 episodes? Then I have got something for you to take a look at!

I just recently started getting back into Netflix (Mama I luh ya!) and boy if it’s catalog hasn’t grown! So during my breaks (authorized and unauthorized) I have been sorting through the catalog and being adventurous and I have stumbled upon some series I think are noteworthy. The one that originally peaked my interest was Gotham! It had several episodes for the first season and is still airing on television so that made it extremely alluring. You can find both season 1 and 2 on Netflix right now. And if you happen to binge watch them to death you might be able to find the episodes Season 3 online that aren’t on Fox.

This series boasts the likes of Jada Pinkett, as an organized crime boss on the rise, Donal Logue, who you may know from the goriest biker gang show on television, Sons of Anarchy. And there are so many other notable characters that there is a little something in this series for everyone!

Not to mention that I have also done some cross referencing with some of the original Batman story and it seems that besides the introduction of some new bad guys the story is pretty close to the original. The story begins while Batman is still little Bruce Wayne just trying to get over his parent’s recent death. James Gordon, played by Ben Mckenzie, is the detective put on the case but botches the job. By the time he finds out he got the wrong guy it’s too late but he vows to make things right.

You can find new episode appearing on Mondays at 8/7C.  Watch a few episodes and let me know if it’s “Netflix & Chill” worthy!


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