Wellness Journey + Weight Loss

Before having my kids I was on a wellness journey, though I didn’t know it at the time. I maintained a steady weight for the most part and worked out regularly but with no goal in mind. Thinking back on that time, I never once wondered what I was putting into my body. Though I did proactively feed myself mentally and spiritually by reading.

Since having my kids I have struggled daily and sometimes minute by minute to reclaim my body, my health and my self-confidence. I use the term WELLNESS instead of fitness or weight-loss when describing my journey because it is so much more than losing weight or being a certain size. It is about taking care of of the mind, soul and body. It’s about watching what is fed into your soul just as much as watch what you put into your body or what you allow yourself to think about.

When I first started my wellness journey I didn’t realize that it was going to take a lot of effort on my part. I didn’t realize there was more to my health than just wanting. It’s easy to put an hour in the gym but what are you going to do with the other 23 hours. You have to need it. You have to believe it and you have to focus your intention on what exactly it is that you want. To help you focus your intentions it helps to clear your space.

wellness journey

It is so important to clear your space of junk. This doesn’t just mean get rid of those chocolate chip cookies in the cabinet. This also goes for social media and things like it. Follow accounts that encourage you to reach your goals. Not those accounts that are showing moist chocolate or those that or showing unattainable “body goals”. Don’t hesitate to remove anything that doesn’t speak to the energy you are trying to create. Anything less would be to set your self up for triggers and make things harder. Don’t drive by that Starbucks you like to frequent on your way home if it’s going to make it hard for you to stay on track and reach your goal. After all, the point is to reach your goals.

During this time I have lost over 25 pounds, and between 5-6 inches off of my waist. And I’m not done yet. My hope is to eventually help others on their road to looking good, but more importantly feeling good. When you take on an endeavor of becoming a healthier version of your self it is so important to not just focus on what a scale says. Measure your progress by how well you are managing life, how good you feel mentally as well as physically. How does your soul feel?



#Fitspiration: My Favorite 3 Instagram Fit Chicks

If you know me, you know that I am really into fitness and being healthy but I am not without fault. So, I like to follow fitness Instagram accounts that will keep me motivated and inspire me with new routines and maybe even a few tips on how to eat right when I’m not too sure what I should be doing. Here are a list of my go to accounts:


  1. Qui2health

Qui2health, or Quianna is extremely inspiring. First of all, she is total #bodygoals! She give us fashion fierceness and she changes up her routine regularly. If you are ever lost in the sauce and wondering what you can do with your workout today to try and switch it up, head over to her page and you will definitely leave with some good ideas, whether it’s her working out or a videoclip of one of her clients. Side note, she also trains Bernice Burgos!!!! And these things aren’t even the best part, she also goes live on Instagram some mornings and evenings and does Q&A’s:


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A lot of fitness journeys come as a way to cope with other things. It’s no secret that exercising and diet changes can contribute to a healthier and happier lifestyle. So when you come across someone like Mankofit, or Massy Arias it can be very encouraging to see her progression. Before starting her journey she said, “[She] spent seven months in a dark room,” she says. “I would not shower. I started losing my hair.” Fast forward to now and she has 2.2 million followers, a new man and a newborn. If that isn’t enough to make you want to follow, here are a few pics of her below, BTW’s some of her workouts may come with a warning label:


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3. Trainwithmarissa

Last but definitely not least is Trainwithmarissa. She’s body goals, business goals and life goals. And she doesn’t mind sharing her tribulations in an encouraging way. She has stated that in the past she was living a lifestyle that didn’t allow her to love herself. Fast forward to now and this #curvyfit ambassador is inspiring others to never give up. Everyone has hard times, but in the end you have to remember to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Below is a pic of her, caption included because it is a much needed #message:


These past few months have been extremely trying for me emotionally, to the point where I felt like I couldn’t catch a break. As a result, my goals and happiness took a backseat and I allowed myself to become consumed in everything that has been going wrong, but that’s changing TODAY. I had to realize that although I can’t always control what happens in my life, I can always control my reaction to each trying event. If you’ve been going thru it, it’s time to regroup and find your happiness. It’s easy to fall into the trap of letting life’s hardships consume us but resiliency is key. 🔑 BOUNCE BACK‼️Know that you’re not alone and whatever you’re going through, you CAN and WILL get through it. Don’t dwell on things – learn the lesson, keep it moving, and get back to your destiny. It’s time to glo up 👑 . . . . #TrainWithMarissa#ThickFit#CurvyFit#FitLife#NikeWomen#ChicagoFitness#WomenWhoLift#FitChicks#NaturalHair#TeamNatural#FitNaturals#NaturalHairDaily#FitThick#Results#Goals#Abs#ThickThighs#Fitness#FitWomen#NikeWomen#WSHHFitness#LegDay#FitAndThick#HealthyLiving#ChicagoTrainer#Natural#UpperBody#NoFilter#BounceBack#Motivation#Fitspiration

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These three ladies are my go to when I am not sure what to do in the gym or if I need to remember what I am working for. I swear the universe will always answer your calls, you just need to remain open. I don’t have money for a trainer so I try to find my answers elsewhere. Between these three ladies you can find the answers to almost any question, inspiration and encouragement. Do you follow any Instagram accounts that inspire you? Share them below!

2017: The Year of Acceptance

When a new year starts it can be daunting to think about changing when you haven’t even accepted who or where you are. I would like to take a moment to work on a part of the Serenity Prayer that has always struck a cord with me:

God, give me grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things which should be changed, and the Wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

I know the new year is supposed to be about change. But this year, we may need to work on acceptance. This is a resolution that doesn’t get much recognition. There are so many people out there that are battling with their past, battling with their present, battling with their thoughts. Before you can change you need to accept that you are the person you are meant to be. There are some things about yourself that you just can’t change and need to be accepted and embraced to allow you to have a clear head. There is power in accepting who you are. When you truly accept who you are no one can tear you down for being gay, straight, transitioning, dark-skinned, light-skinned, Jewish or Atheist. You’ll begin to find power in those things that once were a sore spot for you.

Even things that can be improved upon can deserve some acceptance. Things like weight loss and mental illness are just a couple of things that also require acceptance. Accept that you are beautiful and capable no matter what. So that when you don’t have the energy or the drive to get things completed the way you would have hoped, you don’t allow it to consume you. You are still capable of continuing and picking yourself up from exactly where you left off.

We also need to accept unexpected change as it comes. Things may not have worked out how you expected this past year. Try accepting those changes, think about what you may have learned or what you may have gained from those unexpected changes and experiences. You can’t change the past any more than you can predict the future. Accept was has happened and do your best to make a brighter day, despite the difficulties you face.

Change is great but acceptance can be so powerful. Accept that you are who you were truly meant to be within. Any changes that come be they physical or metaphysical can only enhance what was already there in you all along. Accept who you are meant to be, challenges and all. Because if you are looking for change, it may not come easy. So accept the challenge. Change doesn’t have to be your only goal for 2017, and acceptance can be a catalyst.

**Do you have any things you are working on accepting in the new year or any goals you have set out? Drop them below! Your acceptance can help someone else!**

Welcome Back, for the First Time!

For those of you who are coming to LadyDocket.Com for the first time, allow me to introduce it!

This blog used to be a place where I shared celebrity gossip, local gossip and just over all 98% negativity. I wasn’t proud of it so I decided to stop. Through that time I though about coming back but I didn’t think there was anything I wanted to talk about. Cue Narcism because I am changing this from something negative to a lifestyle blog.

I realize now that I have more to say than what’s allowed by a Twitter status. I have more to say than what my current Facebook followers may be interested. So, I’ll say it here. I’ll be touching on fashion, fitness and life in general. Really just whatever catches my fancy. I’ll be responding to other articles that I’ve read, I may even be responding to the negativity I see and putting a positive spin on things.

I just want to put more into the world. I feel I have so much to say and not very many people to say to at this time without sounding COMPLETELY crazy, corny and everything in between. That being said , a wise man once said, “Follow me, follow me, follow me but you bet not slip.”