5 Tips to Stick to a Lifestyle Change




Are you thinking about changing your lifestyle, whether it be going vegan, becoming more thrifty or becoming more spiritually centered. We’ve all heard that phrase that Rome wasn’t built in a day but how often do we actually consider that our Rome won’t be built in a day either. When we are ready to reach a new level in life often times we want that level up to happen quicker than it can or will. We have to prepare ourselves, we might have to jump over a few pits and break down a few barriers before we rescue the princess from Bowser. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help making your transition from who you were to who you want to be and trying not to get overwhelmed while you are doing so.


Make Small Changes: We tend to think that either it is all or nothing and there’s no room for mistakes. This may work for somethings and some people. But you can’t apply this same rule to everything and everyone in life. In the mean time, you don’t have to go all in and throw every single snack you have away you’ve ever enjoyed or stop getting your hair done and your nails fixed. All this means is that we want to make better decisions. So, instead of getting the extra blinded out nails, try getting a nice color that can last you a few weeks you won’t have to worry about touching up. Try substituting one meal out of your day for something home cooked and healthy. Small changes will lead to bigger changes over time after you build you confidence.

Envision What You Want For Yourself: I know it sounds silly, but envisioning the outcome that you want for yourself can be very helpful. When I was learning to play basketball, my father used to tell me to envision the ball going into the hoop. Envision your ball going into the hoop! This can help especially when you are filling like you’ve lost your way. It can help you get back on track sooner than later! That brings us to the next step.

Don’t beat your self up: This is a Major Key Alert! I know how easy it is to feel down when you didn’t have a cheat free day or week, but we all make mistakes. If you broke down and bought a bag that cost too much, or you ate meat after doing so good. It can feel like it’s the end of the world but you can’t give up. Dust yourself off and try again! This one mistake or 50 mistakes don’t define who you are or what you want in life. What defines you is whether you give up or not. Mistake does not mean the same thing as failure or giving up and you can’t fail when you try.

Talk to friends and family: More often than not, when you share your struggles with friends and family that support you they will let you know just how far you’ve come. I know it sounds simple but sometimes you need to hear that your hard work is being noticed and that you are working hard.

Don’t give up: I’ve mentioned this a few times but it bears mentioning again. If you wan’t to reach your goals, the cardinal rule is to not give up. If something is important to you, the worst thing you can do is to give up or never try. You’ll never know what you could have accomplished.

I know that changing your lifestyle can be really hard, even though the benefits are great. This means shifting things in your personality that have been ingrained in you, possibly from birth. Don’t expect things to happen overnight. If it does, that’s awesome but if it doesn’t keep trying and never give up. That better you is waiting on the other side!

Do you have any tips and pointers on making a lifestyle change that weren’t listed above? Leave something in the comments, we can all benefit!

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